Meet Kimberly...

A self proclaimed "jack of many trades", Kimberly is all about living life at full throttle and believes that life is an adventure and wellness is the new luxury.

In her 20’s, a natural creative flare lead her to choose a career path that involved art, décor & DESIGN. As time passed, the homes, jets and yachts she fashioned were not only part of her portfolio but had also become a part of her personal lifestyle as well.

Over the last two decades Kimberly has worked as a DESIGNER, was CEO of a yacht refit company (Shadow Marine), specialized in LUXURY at Boat International Media and has been involved in the success of some of the most prestigious EVENTS around the globe. 

Having been a part of the 1% sector herself, she obtained an understanding that would allow her to speak in a unique way to her luxury clientele. Through this special language she was able to launch her CONSULTING firm which created bespoke partnership opportunities utilizing select event and media outlets for the most sought after companies in the world.

Two years ago she decided to add another dimension to her skillset by focusing on the MIND as a tool for ultimate success.  She immersed herself into her studies of quantum physics, law of attraction and psychology of the human mind.   Yoga and meditation became part of her daily routine and in 2019 she became an AUTHOR writing the book "Master Your Mind" where she explains - in her unique way - how one can achieve their desires by following specific steps.  After taking the time to receive her MASTERS in Reiki healing, she decided to incorporate all of this new knowledge into her firm and launched a WELLNESS division.

When she experienced a few unexpected setbacks in her personal life, she developed a system that would allow people to live their lives in an AGELESS bubble if they chose to make the commitment and she added this, along with Plexus, to her overall business model.

In her personal life she is not only an ENTREPRENEUR but is also a wife, mother, grandmother, author, artist, pilot, and social media influencer.   Kimberly has a life's worth of accomplishments under her belt and believes she is just getting started.   She enjoys travel, cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends and is involved in several philanthropic organizations.   



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