Meet Kimberly...

A self proclaimed "jack of many trades", Kimberly is all about living life at full throttle and embracing each chapter with passion and zest.   

In her 20’s, a natural creative flare lead her to choose a career path that involved art, décor & DESIGN. As time passed, the homes, jets and yachts she fashioned were not only part of her portfolio but had also become a part of her personal lifestyle as well.

Over the last two decades Kimberly has worked as a DESIGNER, was CEO of a yacht refit company (Shadow Marine), specialized in LUXURY at Boat International Media and has been involved in the success of some of the most prestigious EVENTS around the globe. 

A few years ago she decided to educate herself further in the  wellness sector as wellness had indeed become "the NEW luxury".    She immersed herself into her studies of quantum physics, law of attraction and psychology of the human mind.   She obtained her Holistic Health Certification, her Reiki Masters and wrote a book entitled "Master Your Mind" 

Recently she has launched a Podcast (Kimberly's Korner) and has launched a YouTube Channel called "Luxe on the Scene" where she interviews leaders in the luxury industry from Yoga to Yachts.

In her personal life she is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, artist, pilot, and social media influencer.   She also enjoys travel, cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends and is involved in several philanthropic organizations.