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I am blessed to be a daughter, a mother, a grandmother,a wife and a huge dreamer.  From the time I was a little girl I always knew I would have an amazing life and I absolutely do.  Sure, I’ve had rough times – some REALLY rough – but I love my life and, more importantly, I love how I have learned over time that I am in control of it.  


We all begin this life as babies – both in the body and in the mind – and we learn and grow through the experiences that we live through and the information we absorb.  At the time of writing this blog I have gotten to a point  where I like to refer to myself as “spiritually mature” and that reference certainly didn’t come easy.  I have been through stages in my life that will have you dropping your jaw with shock and periods that would have you shaking your head with disbelief and each of these has been a catalyst for my growth in one way or another.  I’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and I have found that there was always one thing that would keep me going.  My belief that there was more to this world than THIS WORLD.


What did I do?  I began to educate myself.  This began years ago with reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, not once, but three times followed by Christian readings from Kenneth Copeland and Joel Osteen.  Through the years I moved on to more philosophical & new thought authors like Wayne Dyer & Rhonda Byrns.  As my knowledge deepened so did my hunger for more and I still read to this day – every day.  


In summary, I believe that we each have a specific purpose in life.  At first we may not be sure exactly what this means but it will always involve using our natural gifts and talents.  Maybe you have already figured out your purpose or maybe you haven’t, but what I’d like to do is help you on your journey.  Whether you are new to this whole “deeper meaning” thought process or not, we ALL have a lot to learn and we can learn from each other.  People are being attracted into our lives everyday and there is a hidden meaning behind every circumstance and every occurrence.  There are no coincidences, my friend, and there is no coincidence that you have ended up here with me right now reading these words.


 I challenge you to come along with me on a journey of self discovery, enlightenment and mastery!  


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