• Kimberly Ibarra

Challenge Yourself

In this day and age, just getting by and surviving takes up so much of our energy that it's tempting to overlook our human NEED for growth. Unfortunately, settling for “status quo” is just not acceptable because, when we do this, we are not doing our part to live our best lives.

I love my daily yoga practice because it improves my mood, provides a respite from the daily grind, helps me to stay in touch with my inner soul and it has done wonders for my strength and energy levels. While I make this a daily practice at home, I really get a kick out of accepting 30 day yoga challenges throughout the year. I’m starting one today actually (refer to the goofy photo).

Simply put, making a habit of challenging oneself can usher in countless benefits - but I thought I would list a few key examples here of what you stand to gain:

· Become healthier

· Become more creative

· Add excitement to your life

· Experience the feeling of accomplishment

· Gain knowledge and skills

· Can aid in career advancement

· Become a better partner or friend

· Learn more about yourself

With all of these benefits (and more) in what ways can you begin to challenge yourself TODAY?



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