• Kimberly Ibarra

Keep it Simple

I’ve been looking at everyone’s posts over the past couple of days and I am really wowed by some of the resolutions being shared. While this whole “new year new you” thing is interesting, it also sets many up for failure because they choose things that they don’t really believe they can do…. or they try to do too much.

What are my resolutions? One is to launch a series of retreats and workshops with my business partner – the first being in Fort Lauderdale this February! The next is to master doing the splits. (LOL, yes that is my desire). These resolutions are very different in nature, yes, but I chose them because they are my heart’s true desires and I have no doubt in my abilities to pull them off.

I have found that only those who really want what they want enough to decide that they shall have it will get what they want. They are not afraid of the mental work of believing in themselves. They are not discouraged when a few roadblocks or cloudy days get in the way, they just make a conscious effort to navigate past them.

So why do people give up on things and/or fail?

They tend to bite off more than they know they can chew or BELIEVE they can chew.

One person I follow, for example, put on her post that she was going to loose 10 pounds, become a vegan, run a half marathon and start her own business....... I was exhausted just reading all of that. She made this announcement before the new year and just yesterday admitted failure with the whole vegan thing because of her love for meat and that her boyfriend was “eating a steak in front of her”. The best of us couldn’t bring ourselves to doing something that we dreaded consistently and when you deny yourself things that bring you pleasure you better make sure you really WANT to do it and you need to make sure you have a support system in place.

The solution to succeeding at anything is to know WHY you are doing it in the first place and to choose something that you BELIEVE you can see through to the end. If you start out with just one or two realistic goals, once you achieve those you will be empowered to continue on to another…. If you take on too much and fail, then you are setting yourself up for disaster.

You cannot go beyond your own self accepted image so KEEP IT SIMPLE. Take each resolution separately, say aloud that you want to make the change and mentally picture yourself as having achieved that goal.

Let's do this!

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