• Kimberly Ibarra

Playing on a Yacht

As the pursuit of luxury moves from goods and services to unique experiences, the uber wealthy are increasingly focused on pursuing tailored experiences vs. just accumulating “things”.

I have owned, designed, built and chartered super yachts in my personal life as well as in my business, and one of the questions that I am always asked is “what is it like to Play on a yacht?”

In a word….. it's AMAZING.

True, there are television shows out there like "Below Deck" that focus on the dramatic side of life on a yacht, but when you are actually a guest, you only see the crew when they are taking care of your every need - and they make it a point to do their BEST to make sure that you don’t know anything about what goes on behind the scenes.

Whether you’re stepping foot onto a 120 foot or a 500 foot vessel, you are immediately treated like royalty. Your luggage is whisked away to your stateroom where it is immediately unpacked and put away for you while you have your drink of choice on the aft deck. How do they know what you're drinking? Because prior to your arrival you were asked to fill out a questionnaire in order for the crew to know all of your favorite foods, beverages and activities.

There are lounge chairs, hot tubs, exercise rooms, spas, cinemas, gourmet meals and water toys – all meant to entertain you while you travel from port to exotic port. From Miami to Monaco, there are destinations around this world that will leave you star struck and I have never experienced anything that could beat the empowerment of pulling up to the shore in one of these magnificent beasts.

There’s just something magical about the ocean and I have had a love for boating my entire life. This year I am retiring the luxury consulting leg of my business to pursue more of my creative interests, but I am forever grateful for my past travels and super excited about all of the future excursions that lay ahead of me with these new adventures. If you ever get the opportunity to step foot onboard on of these elegant mansions of the sea, by all means DO SO with a huge smile!!!!!

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